Adrienne Morgado is retired from 34 years in the Public School System, this allowing her the time to pursue her Metaphysical interests! Adrienne has experienced the Robert Monroe Institute in Virginia, known for Remote Viewing and journeying to the many-dimensional realms and Out of Body Experiences. She has completed the three level mediumship course work that is offered by Janet Nohavec from the Journey Within Spiritualist Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ and in Lily Dale, NY.She has also trained in Mediumship with Janie Eauchus who is Doreen Virtue trained and certified. Adrienne has attended classes with Dr. Hank Wessleman, Alberto Villaldo, and Llyn Roberts at the Omega Institute in New York and is currently working with Bernardo Peixoto and his wife who are South American Shamrans, and Hannelore Christensen in Pennsylvania. She has taken Energy Dowsing and Balancing with Ahdi Moonien Two Owls (Scientific Radiesthesia). Adrienne is a Reiki/Master Teacher trained in Usui and Essential Reiki and has also completed the three levels of IET. She is an ordained Priest in the Order of Melchizedek.