•A Course in Miracles Discussion Circle
•Meditation: The Art of Quieting the Mind
•Sunday Tune-Ups
•Women’s Circle
•Workshops on Color and Sound Healing


•Amethyst-Enhanced Infrared Biomat Sessions
•Angel Essence Qi Gong Sessions
•Biophoton Light Therapy
•Chakra Balancing Sessions
•Channeling – Group and Private Sessions
•Heartspeak Healing Sessions
•Holistic Hand-Crafted Jewelry by Local Artists
•Psychic Tarot and Angel Card Readings
•Quantum Sun Source Energetics
•Reflexology, Reiki and IET
•Sacred Rose Herb and Root Readings
•Sound Table/Sound Healing Sessions
•Traditional Native American Consultations
•Voice Analysis Harmony Sessions


•Introductory classes on crystals, essential oils, pendulum divination, smudging and more
•Self-Compassion & Stress Management Classes
•Native American-Inspired Ceremonies
•Reiki Certification Classes