Maureen Groetsch has transitioned from 35 years of accounting and finance to her true calling as a Teacher, Energy Healer and Intuitive. Most currently completing her course of study for the Chiren in May 2014.

Her interest in Energy Healing began when she was a Level Two Practitioner of Usui Reiki in the mid-1990’s, and then became a Practitioner of Qwan Yin Magnified Healing. Maureen has an intense interest in Spirituality as it co-mingles with the Sciences, as well as, investigated many energy healing modalities, integrating all these into her own heart based practice. Maureen traveled to India in 2006 and studied and regularly practices Yogic Breath and Meditation. As well she has studied and traveled with Gene Ang Ph.D. She is a Nature Intuitive under the tutelage of Tracie Nichols, and has studied with Glenda Green, author of Love Without End Jesus Speaks and The Keys of Jeshua. She currently leads a Spiritual Discussion Group focusing on The Keys of Jeshua and how they apply to life now.

Maureen’s life work is dedicated to helping others through the Chiren – a perfect tool that embraces your “light” and “heart wisdom” supporting your being … body, mind, spirit and soul.

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